Cinema hall or conference room, event room, technical launch area, showroom...

Individual Design

The outside and inside of the cinemobile can be entirely customized.


The audio-visual equipment and the armchairs are already installed and are ready for use.


Audio-visual equipment, armchairs, premium air conditioning and heating like in a normal cinema.

A multi-purpose room

The cinemobile is fitted out with the latest in projection equipment.

It offers a wide range of uses and this is a real conference room or cinema theatre for 80 persons.

The armchairs from Cinema Quinette Gallay and the speaker's desk are designed for flexibility so as to adapt quickly for every use.

Individual design

The outside of the cinemobile can be entirely personalised. .

These are the different options:

  • Personalised corporate design adapted to the cinemobile.
  • Decor stickers for a limited period.
  • Varnished decor stickers for long duration.
  • Canvas covers for the “gooseneck”.
  • Flat screen for the outside promotion.
  • Customization of the armchairs.