Opening of the Cinemobile - Step 1/5

This step is completed in less than 10 minutes.
(time spent < 10 mn)

  • Unfolding of the wind speed indicator
  • Automatic levelling
  • Installation of the supports
  • Placing of wheel wedges

Opening of the Cinemobile - Step 2/5

This step is completed in less that 5 minutes.
(time spent < 15 mn)

  • Deployment of the first side

Opening of the Cinemobile - Step 3/5

This step is completed in less than 5 minutes.
(Time spent< 20 mn)

  • Deployment of the second side

Opening of the Cinemobile - Step 4/5

This step is completed in less than 10 minutes.
(time spent< 30 mn)

  • Opening of the entrances
  • Installation of the staircases
  • Connection of electric power
  • Accessories

Opening of the Cinemobile - Step 5/5

In less than 30 minutes, the theatre is ready for use !!

Now only the event has to be prepared and the performance has to be set up.


The deployment is carried out by one person within 30 minutes.


Cinema hall or conference room, event room, technical launch area, showroom...


The audio-visual equipment and the armchairs are already installed and are ready for use.


Equipment certified by an independent authority and compliant with CE and NF C15-100 standards.



  • Screen DEMOSPEC 3850 x 1600,
  • Digital Video Projector BARCO DP2K-10Sx 2K 3D,
  • Scaler,
  • DVD Blu-Ray player,
  • DCP Server as an option.

The cinemobile is equipped for showing films with the latest technical standard. It can however also be used just for institutional presentations.


Dolby Surround Pro Logic

The Dolby Pro Logic audio system of the cinemobile adapts to all types of sources and events (movie theatre, concert, conference,…).

Projection and sound

Equipements Manufacturer Reference Quantity
Cinema projector
Barco DP2K-10Sx
DCP player Doremi ShowVault / IMB 1
Digital sound processor Dolby CP750Z 1
Amplifier Crown Audio XLS 1500 4
Surround sound
Front loudspeaker
JLB Harman JBL control 1Pro
JBL control 30
Subwoofer KCS KCS C118PLP 1


Quinette Gallay


The 80 Cinema Quinette Gallay armchairs have been specially designed for complying with the requirements of the cinemobile.

Air conditionning and heating

The cinemobile has a system of split air conditioning.

The audience room has four split evaporators mounted on the ceiling; they are integrated in an intermediate ceiling in order to allow a better distribution of the air. These DAIKIN evaporators are connected to two compressors which are mounted at the front of the cinemobile. Two additional electric radiators are proposed for a period of cold weather. The floors have electric resistance heating with aluminum sheets for an increased comfort.

The projection room is equipped with a split evaporator situated low in a technical cabinet so as to increase its efficiency. This evaporator is connected to a special compressor installed in front of the cinemobile. The projector room is also equipped with an electric radiator in order to warm up the equipment more rapidly .

In combination with a high lambda coefficient of our panels the entire system guarantees a low performance level; this results in a very low energy and in reduced electric consumption. The air conditioning system is filled with the refrigerator fluid R410A in compliance with the valid standards.

  Audience room Projection room
Maximum fresh air capacity 15,5 kW 3,7 kW
Maximum warm air capacity 19,2 kW 4,0 kW


Safety equipment

The cinemobile has been designed in compliance with the highest standards for active and passive safety. The number and the dimension of the accesses guarantee a quick evacuation of the cinemobile in all safety.

The choice of the material for the construction of the cinemobile is equivalent and in compliance with those for fixed buildings.

The cinemobile is also equipped with smoke detectors and a type 4 alarm systems with manual release; a sufficient number of fire extinguishers are placed inside and outside.


There are three doors of 900 mm width for the cinemobile; the doors are equipped with emergency bars. The main entry door is situated at the front left side and opens to the ticket counter. The exit door is situated at the rear left side. The door for handicapped persons is situated at the rear right side. The access to the entry and the exit doors is arranged by sliding stairways combined with a platform. They are equipped with safety handrails.

The stairways, platforms and handrails are strictly complying with the regulations which are also in force for public buildings.

A box type DHOLLANDIA elevator for handicapped persons is installed opposite the access door for an immediate entry into the audience room.

All the equipment complies with CE and the complete installation complies with the NF C15-100 standard; it is certified by an independent approved authority.


Bodywork made of GRP sandwich composite panels – Conplying with ERP of the 5th category.

  Outside dimensions CLOSED Outside dimensions
Inside dimensions of the movie theatre Total surface area including the access means
Length 13.950 m 13.950 m 9.950 m 16.450 m
Width 2.550 m 6.100 m 5.820 m 12 m
Height 4.000 m 4.000 m de 2.300 à 3.050 m  


Two floor extensions which open automatically increase the total volume of the cinemobile. They are hydraulically deployed and they are locked in the closed position by means of an anti-rack locking rod.

Electric power supply

Electric network supply

The total consumption of the cinemobile is below 25 kVA. The electric power supply can be provided by one of the three following ways:

  • By way of a dedicated electric generator which is installed on the tractor of the cinemobile; this is an option,
  • By way of an electric power cable extension 25 m length on a motorized reel; 400 V – 50 Hz triphase + neutral + earth,
  • By way of three electric power cable extensions of 50 m length, 230 V – 50 Hz single phase + earth 32 amps.

The choice of electric supply is made manually at the electric control box located in between the wheelbase on the left side.

Autonomy in electric power

Whenever the electric power supply cannot be guaranteed from outside it is possible to supply the dedicated tractor of the cinemobile with an electric generator of 25 kVA which is designed to provide the power for the specific uses of the entire unit.

All the equipment complies with CE and the complete installation complies with the NF C15-100 standard; it is certified by an independent approved authority.