Cinemobile 80 seats

The cinemobile is a unique concept of a cinema hall with 80 seats.

It is deployed and set up by one person in 30 minutes and offers the perfect comfort of a real movie theatre.

A multifunctional space

The cinemobile is not only a cinema hall.

It is also a performance hall, a conference room, or a fabulous showroom for the launching of products or the introduction of ideas.



Heavent Paris

26 27 and 28 November 2013

The latest of the range of cinemas has been presented in a pre-launch event on the Heavent exhibition in Paris.

What are you looking for ?

For an exhibition, a festival or a commercial project ?
For a conference or a mobile showroom?

For a brief operation or for several months or years, for renting or for purchase, we can offer you the mobile cinema which suits your needs.


The deployment is carried out by one person within 30 minutes.


Cinema hall or conference room, event room, technical launch area, showroom...


Audio-visual equipment, armchairs, premium air conditioning and heating like in a normal cinema.


Equipment certified by an independent authority and compliant with CE and NF C15-100 standards.

Information about purchase

If you have a permanent mission for information or a long-term event operation?

Information about renting

If you have to organize an event activity or an operation of short or medium term?

A new way to meet

The cinemobile which we have shown on preview at the Heavent exhibition in Paris combines four basic features in the domain of the event business :

  • the multiple use of the unit,
  • the very rapid deployment,
  • the integration of the audio-visual cinema system,
  • the comfort for the audience.

This semi-trailer which is completely equipped, offers in top grade comfort and technology the configuration of a movie theatre with seating for 80 persons. It is also a new alternative for the organisers of conferences, meetings, road shows or artistic events.

The cinemobile is available for sale as well as for renting via LCR-EVENTS. This is can satisfy many requirements in the field of event communication.